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Senior Companion Bird Program

Image by Nelson Donizeti

Senior Companion 


Assisted care facilities can be lonely places for residents right now. Add a pair of cockatiels, budgies, or other small bird pair to bring a little excitement!

How does it work?

Our Senior Companion Bird Program is for retirement communities and assisted living facilities. Our program provides birds who are difficult to adopt out or who have been in rescue for an extended period of time, a loving place to call home where they will receive and give attention. We place a flight cage of parakeets, cockatiels or other small birds in the common area so that all the residents can enjoy them. An individual resident can have a cage of parakeets, cockatiels or other small birds in their apartment, if the facility management approves.

What is expected of the resident or facility?

  • Fresh veggies and fruits fed every day. Usually the kitchen provides this service.

  • Fresh seed/pellets daily and water changed as needed.

  • Cage cleaned as needed. If deep cleaning is needed we will provide that.

  • Birds covered at night if needed due to overhead lights.

  • Love, love and most of all love. Our birds love companionship, conversation, attention, and did we mention love?

Senior Program Application

If this sounds like something you would like to discuss further, please please fill out the contact form or email

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Potential companions

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