Indian Ring Neck



Flies to  the shoulder of all in the household if he thinks he can get food. Very curiously inspects the kitchen if people are preparing food to see what he might like. Flies to the shoulder of visitors.  Loves to eat meals with the family.  If you are eating, he wants to be perched on a shoulder or a dining chair with his people. Ricky also puts himself to bed when the lights are shut off in the bird room at night.




Age or hatch date:

Possibly hatched in 1997



Best qualities:

Low maintenance, mostly easy going.  Curious, delightful, interacts with all the people in our household:  mom, dad and calm 9-year-old boy.  Ricky has a couple of chatty times a day.

Favorite food:

Almonds, walnuts, apples, grapes, pomegranates, corn, edamame. Awesome eater of fresh foods too!

Favorite toys:

Piñata type toys to chew apart.  Has a play stand he likes to fly to from the “bird room.”  Likes to inspect the cages of the other birds by visiting their “apartments” when they are out. 

Dowel or step-up trained:



Can be nippy.  May be reluctant to return to his cage but may step up better to a sleeve in this instance.


Cheeps, says “Really?” which is often used in context.  Also says, "come here," "here," "Rick," “Ricky”, “Lu-cy, come here!”, kisses, wolf whistles and occasionally says “here kitty, kitty” and was once heard to say: “Are you my pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty friend”?

Health issues:



Gets along with birds:

Has become very good friends with another foster bird, Boo the Dusky Conure. They would love to be adopted together.

Gets along with dogs:

Scared of dogs

Gets along with cats:


Gets along with kids:

Steps up to the arm of the 9-year-old boy in the  house.  Flies to  the shoulder of anyone he thinks he can get food from. Loves to “help” in the kitchen and very curiously inspects activities if people are preparing food to see what he might like.