Perry and Keet


Adoption Pending


Perry and Keet

These two are still being assessed but the former owner says the following:
Perry and Keet are 2 parakeets (yellow and white) purchase together in May 2019. They are a great pair-they love to destroy toys together, especially wood
and paper. Their favorite times are when they are out of the cage or when they get a new toy. They are very quiet at night and enjoy the evening routine of
fresh food and water before the blanket goes over them for nighttime. During the summer/warmer weather they enjoy "talking" to the outside birds through
the open window.

08/19/21 From the foster home: These two are very fun. Keet seems to want interaction and will play with a finger through the cage bars and sing excitedly when a human enters the room.

They love their hidey hut and will play inside and bang it against the cage bars. I have yet to see them actually sleep in it.

Veggies are still a challenge but they love their millet. Perry will bath in the water bowl so a new cage that allows a birdie bath on the side might be warranted. They squabble a bit with each other like siblings and haven't been seen preening each other like a bonded pair but they socialize and talk.

These two could be tamed quite easily with patience.


Perry and Keet


Age or hatch date:



Unknown. Presumed female

Best qualities:

They are very very pretty

Favorite food:

Still assessing

Favorite toys:

Small wood toys, shredders

Dowel or step-up trained:




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