*** This bird is currently on our Waitlist and is with their current owner. It may be possible to visit and adopt this bird prior to it being moved to a foster home. Please keep in mind that birds on the Waitlist may not have had a veterinary visit. Their owners may or may not be caring for the bird at EBR minimum standards of care.***

Muffin is the quirky lovebird of your dreams. Though he takes a bit to warm up, his affinity for classical music and gentle personality will make him the perfect companion and roommate. Muffin will always be a shy guy and would do best in homes that don’t expect him to be cuddly - he still has a lot of love to give and he expresses it in his own way. His favorite snacks include broccoli and oat groats, and he likes watching as his person goes about their day :) Muffin has been around other birds and gets along well with them as long as they don’t encroach on his personal space. He would be the perfect fit for a laid back household.



Age or hatch date:

6 years



Best qualities:

Favorite food:

strawberries and oat groat

Favorite toys:

Birdie kabob

Dowel or step-up trained:



He is very timid. He is affectionate in his own way - perks up when I’m around and wants to be “engaged” but he is not a cuddly bird and takes a while to warm up to his surroundings. He isn’t aggressive but does best when he has his own space and isn’t pressured to interact with other birds or people. He still is a lovely boy who is a joy to be around.


Health issues:


Gets along with birds:

Gets along with dogs:

Gets along with cats:

Gets along with kids: