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Maxi (Max)

Double Yellow Head


Maxi (Max)

Maxi is warming up to her foster home and is a sweet bird. She enjoys listening to music and being talked too. She is learning to step up on there hand and how to take treats. She has adjuster to his new diet of pellets. Maxi seems to prefer men over woman. She is very talkative in her foster home. The foster home is still learning more about Maxi and more info will come.

Per previous owner: "Loves attention and loves to mimic you."


Maxi (Max)


Age or hatch date:

15 years old


DNA Female

Best qualities:

Her foster home says he is a sweet but shy bird who enjoys being around people. She also is very gentle. Likes to hang out on top of her cage.

She loves to talk and ride on shoulder

Favorite food:

Sunflowers seeds but still being assessed.

Favorite toys:

Likes thin pine wood so far.

Dowel or step-up trained:

is learning to step up on hand at foster home.
Previous owner said Dowel trained


Maxi is a shy bird who will take time to learn to trust. Shes not sure about taking treats from his foster person yet but should with time.

Just lonely due to health issues of previous owner.


Maxi loves to talk she says Step up, There, Hi Max, Hi Momo, Pretty bird, Good Boy, makes video game noises, and other cool sounds.

Health issues:


Gets along with birds:

Is fine in foster home.

Gets along with dogs:


Gets along with cats:


Gets along with kids:

Seem OK but has not had a lot of time around them yet.

Foster home has expressed interest in adopting this bird:

6/19/24, 12:26 AM

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