Solomon Eclectus



Lolo is a plucker, but has improved with training, time and diet. He requires training and foraging to keep himself busy, and does require a relatively large amount of out of cage time. He would greatly enjoy someone who works from home and being the only bird to soak up all of the attention. He likes to hold pine nuts in his beak for long periods of time.

He likes to sit on the shower curtain rod and take in the humidity from showers. He will tolerate warm misting with a water bottle, but doesn’t show interest in getting in standing water to “bath” or play.

Lolo seems to benefit from having his cage in a quiet space, separate from the center of the house. He calls to come to his mobile perch when he is ready to be social. Lolo does not seem like a morning guy.




Age or hatch date:

12 years old



Best qualities:

Lolo is gentle, sweet, curious and observant. Lolo can be quiet. Although he nips if we miss his body cues, he does not bite hard. Lolo is motivated by his favorite foods and attention from his people. Although he has his preferred person, he has connected with other adults. He is trained to not poop on people.

Favorite food:

Garbanzo beans, roasted sweet potatoes, almond butter, pistachios, corn kernels, short grain brown rice, quinoa,

Favorite toys:

Plastic toddler toys, his rope swing perch, stringed beads, painted wood toys

Dowel or step-up trained:



When Lolo is not quiet... his call is loud and he will use it if his people leave the room or if he wants attention.
Hormones. We are careful to not flirt or engage in any behaviors to trigger a hormonal response. When he regurgitates to “feed” his person or when he starts playing with hands we put him down.


What’s up buddy?
Hello Lo

Health issues:




Gets along with birds:

Tolerates, but would prefer to be the only bird

Gets along with dogs:

He doesn’t pay any attention to the dog in our house. Seems neutral about him.

Gets along with cats:

Has been within a few feet of a well-behaved cat and been fine

Gets along with kids:

Lolo tolerated the two kids in his home. When the kids are loud and rowdy, he seems to get over stimulated/nervous. Likes to be on shoulder or near his adult while kids play. He likes being around calm activities like story time and tv time with the family. He is gentle with kids and gives a growl to warn if they are too close. Lolo sit with them, take treats from them, etc. When he wants, he will walk himself back to his perch or cage.