Congo African Grey



Leo was born in 1989 and is sexed as male.

Leo likes soft wood toys to chew.

If his door is opened in the morning, he will hang out and put himself back inside when he wants closing the door behind him. He also asks when he wants to come out of his cage by saying “do you want to come out?”. When his former owners dog barked “he would say you just stop it or stop it”. He has many other words, phrases and sounds typical for an African Grey.

09/14/21 Update from foster home: He is a pretty quiet bird for an African Grey. He makes the normal beeps, buzzing noises expected but mostly talks under his breath like barking quietly like a dog and saying hi under his breath in the morning. He is new though so maybe he is feeling out his current foster home. He does appreciate baths but does like being spritzed by a water bottle. He will make the water droplet noises when you use it as well as when you change his water. He like head scratches but on his terms and will let you know when he has had enough gently. He is not a bird that needs a ton of attention and enjoys his alone time. He spends most of the day sitting on top of his cage observing the birds outside and the activity in the home. He love music and will dance and make noise to the beat. Cashews and millet are a favorite food more so than veggies currently. We are working on that.




Age or hatch date:




Best qualities:

Favorite food:

Millet, egg and cashews

Favorite toys:


Dowel or step-up trained:

Step up. Current foster home is working on this.


Not a fan of hanging with the humans


Lots of words and phrases

Health issues:



Gets along with birds:

A bit fearful

Gets along with dogs:


Gets along with cats:

Gets along with kids:

Older children