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Blue-and-Gold Macaw



The following information was provided by a previous family member:

Josie's story began when evicted from her nest and adopted by my father, who brought her home at one day old, and began nursing her to health. Early on, it was evident that Josie was not only a pretty face, but spirited and smart. She accumulated a wide vocabulary, including imitating voices and barking dogs. She thrives on affection, connection, and adores her humans. During play, she enjoys rolling over on her back for scratches and tickles, and loves to laugh. As she grew, Josie enjoyed walks through the park and interacting with the public. At home, she graduated from her cage to a full bedroom, equip with a wide variety of toys, perches, and a window box, allowing her safe access to the outdoors. For many years, Josie maintained an enriching and active schedule, and she thoroughly enjoyed being the center of attention. Within the last year, my father’s health began to deteriorate and Josie’s level of enrichment declined. After my father’s sudden passing, while she appears somewhat distraught, she is still eager for affection and gives kisses. Quite honestly, she appears to be eating up the attention from visiting guests and family members and would make a wonderful addition to your family. Josie loves learning new vocabulary words, solving challenging puzzles, sharing your food, especially cheese, and pasta with red sauce. She also loves showers and playing peekaboo. Josie would respond well to a low stress environment, and with someone who has ample time to dedicate to developing a relationship and continuing her enrichment .



Previous broken wing which has already healed. Per vet - she is unable to fly.

Age or hatch date:

April of 2005


Unknown. DNA test has occurred, waiting on results.

Best qualities:

She can be incredibly sweet. She barks to get your attention. She’s playful and wants to connect desperately. She responds well to affection and verbal praise and sweet talk.

Favorite food:

Nuts, cheese (in moderation), green beans, peas, macaroni- cooked, red spaghetti sauce on pasta, she also likes macaroni and cheese, she’ll pull the cheese out of your sandwich.

Favorite toys:

Things she can unlock or open.

Dowel or step-up trained:

Yes, to hand or arm.


Screaming for attention, declaring dominance over other animals and may lunge at them, becoming possessive over people- she may strike at another person who tries to interact with her while with her preferred . Scared to death of big trucks- She screams like she’s having a panic attack.


Hello- She laughs, Are you okay, out (which may mean a variety of things like get out of the room, I want to go bed, wants her window open, wants to go on a walk) Josie’s vocabulary has diminished over the last 2 years due to owners health conditions.

Health issues:

Previous broken wing which has already healed. Per vet - she is unable to fly.

Gets along with birds:


Gets along with dogs:


Gets along with cats:


Gets along with kids:


Foster home has expressed interest in adopting this bird:

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