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Jellybean is a sweet, polite white bellied-Caique with a fun personality. Caiques are known as the clowns of the parrot world, and Jellybean is no exception. He enjoys rubbing his face on soft blankets while getting scritches from his human and 'wrestling' while gently chewing on your finger. You will laugh watching him bounce on his rope boing and do his famous happy Caique hop! He mimics certain beeps and says a few phrases, as well as enjoys using human heads as a landing strip!

Jellybean will need a family or human companion that is willing to have his back so he can explore his new home safely. He doesn't like being in his cage any longer than necessary and will call out to his family when he wants to spend time with them. He's a very curious bird, and loves checking out the floors and running down hallways where he can explore and do acrobatics in the corners of molding. A room or area safe from bird hazards where Jellybean can safely explore and play will make him a safe and happy birb! He does have his chill moments after he's gotten used to his surroundings and will hang out with his person on the bed with them or on their shoulder (or on your head if you allow it)! Bean would be very happy with a companion who wants to teach him tricks, as he is very intelligent and eager for interaction

JB is a polite bird and steps up readily for his foster home and friends. He only tends to get nippy when he's being stubborn (taking him away from something he wants to get into, or putting him in his cage when he's not ready). He has not broken skin on anyone and will stop with a still hand and a stern "No bite, Bean". He has a quirky vendetta against trash bags, stainless steel coffee pots, newspaper and anything somewhat reflective or shiny and will attack these things with gusto! He is a huge fan of all fruits, especially apple. He can be persuaded to do almost anything with a slice of apple!

Despite being a generally healthy bird, Jelly sometimes goes through periods where he has pain in his feet/legs, and he will chew on them or favor one foot or the other. Several vet visits have not been able to pin down the cause of this, and his foster home is currently trying a trial of medicine and Omega 3s which may be helping. Luckily, Jellybean has been trained to take medicine easily, and will readily drink from an offered syringe without needing to be held.

Jellybean will make a wonderful and entertaining family member. His foster family instantly fell in love with his goofy and inquisitive personality.



Age or hatch date:

10 years



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9/20/23, 7:56 PM

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