Goffins Cockatoo

Adoption Pending



Harry aka Harry Potter aka Harry Houdini is new to rescue and is still being assessed but so far he seems to be a sweet beautiful Goffins Cockatoo. He is believed to be about 13 years old and a male although he has not been DNA tested. It might take him some time to feel comfortable in a new home but with patience he will be a wonderful loving companion. Once he feels settled he will let you roll him over and tickle his belly.
He has a ton of words that he says such as Can I get out, Get out, Pretty Bird, Get in Your Cage, Hello Baby, Come Here, Come On, Come Back, and Give it Up which he says in the cutest voice.
Harry is fun to play games with. One of his favorites is throw the ball. If you toss him his black pomp om to him he will toss it back and say “get it”. This game can last up to 10 minutes. He also loves to shred paper, chew on rope, wood, rubber toys, cardboard and much more.
Food is not an issue and he has a lot of foods he enjoys from oranges, strawberries, sweet potatoes, black beans, carrots, bell peppers, broccoli, and so much more. He love to share dinner with his human so if you love watching movies and eating dinner he is your guy!
Harry bathes himself under the bathroom faucet and occasionally likes to shower with his human. After showering he gets patted down with a towel and then blown dry(on low). He loves the blow dryer and will dance a happy jig.




Age or hatch date:

13 years



Best qualities:

He is entertaining and loves to play catch. He bonds very strongly to his owner.

Favorite food:

Apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, corn, green beans, eggs, broccoli, and more

Favorite toys:

Rope, balls, wood, ruber toys, cardboard etc.

Dowel or step-up trained:

Step up when he wants to


Can be difficult to move back to his cage and take time to get to know a new person


Pretty bird, Get out, Can I get out?,Hello baby, Come back, Give it up, Get in your cage, Hello, Goodbye, and more

Health issues:



Gets along with birds:

Unknown. Lived with two cockatiels and did not enjoy their company.

Gets along with dogs:


Gets along with cats:


Gets along with kids: