Congo African Grey

Adoption Pending



I am a smart, independent bird with a lot of growth potential for someone who can work with me at my own pace. I like to entertain myself by throwing small toys off the top of my cage and "chicken scratching" around the catch tray under my cage or on the floor. My foster family has been introducing me to foraging with treats hidden inside cupcake wrappers, my foraging boxes, and even a pumpkin--which I gleefully tore to shreds. I am so smart that recently, under supervision, I figured out how to open my foster family's trash can and I LOVE making it open again and again after my foster mom closes it while she's cleaning my cage. I am generally afraid of new toys, people, and objects, but I am slowly learning how to trust and accept close proximity and touch. I used to not want to leave my cage, but now I will come out of my cage to explore my play stand, and sometimes I like to walk around on the floor to check out any boxes, bags, or paper that my foster mom leaves on the ground for me.

Even though I don't like flying, I am a pretty fantastic flyer if something startles me and I need to get away fast. I've lived my entire life in apartments and I am generally a quiet bird. The exception might be if you are on a phone call in the same room with me. When I do make noise I am usually not loud, and when I do speak, I am pretty expressive with my words and sounds--I am learning specific associations with the phrases I use. I will ask you "Whatcha doing" or "What are you doing?" if you are busy doing something else and I want you to talk to me--I think I will eventually be able to learn the different words for things you do! I very recently learned how to say "scratch scratch" to request a treat in exchange for tolerating a light beak rub. I will sometimes yell "Come here!" when I am feeling playful or aggressive towards a toy or person. I'm also a creative bird and like to come up with my own whistle compositions or mash-ups of words and phrases.

I'm much more comfortable around my foster mom than my foster dad since she works from home with me in her office, but I would probably grow to have a preference with whoever in your family spends the most time with me.




Age or hatch date:

20 years old



Best qualities:

Often quiet but with a very large vocabulary of words and sounds.

Favorite food:

Apple slices, squash, safflower seeds, Nutri-berries, whole hard corn kernels from seed mixes, farro, and "veggie egg soufflé."

Favorite toys:

Baby teething rings, plastic toy mini-maraca, plastic poker chips, wood foraging drawer blocks.

Dowel or step-up trained:

Working on it


Not hand-tame, alternating between fear and aggression towards hands. Fearful of new things in general.


"Hi Baby," "Peekaboo," "Whatcha doing?" "What?" "Scratch scratch?" "I love you," "Meow," "Come here!" the sound of a drink can opening, scrub jay call, a phone ringing

Health issues:




Gets along with birds:


Gets along with dogs:

Unknown; previous owner had a small dog but they did not interact much.

Gets along with cats:


Gets along with kids: