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Hahn's Macaw

Our story


This is the Hahn's Macaw Sydney! She was adopted through EBR in 2015. Syd is happy, healthy, and doing well! She is loved by her family, Breanne and Jennifer Bachman. She loves to take selfies, play peekaboo, fly around the house when she is flighted in the spring, and watch parrot videos on Youtube. She is usually velcro'd to her parronts' shoulders and enjoys singing and dancing to pop music and playing peek-a-boo. Breanne & Jennifer's friends adore Sydney, and Syd has her favorite visitors and loves to hang out with them when they drop by! Her favorite treat is pistachios and red pepper. A year ago, a Meyers parrot named Orion, a well-known biter at The Parrot Perch bird store, joined their flock. Sydney and Orion sadly do not get along so well, but are both willing to share Breanne's shoulder and try to out-talk one another when asking for treats. ;)

When Sydney was adopted she barbered her feathers and tended to pluck her chest. After some work and a good diet, her molt came in this year her feathers look fantastic, with only very slight barbering and no plucking!

We couldn't imagine life without Sydney or Orion. Breanne considers Sydney her best friend and is looking forward to many more years of adventures and love with her! Thank you EBR for helping us add this beloved bird to our family.

Breanne & Jennnifer Bachman

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